2019 – PRESENT

In 2019, my better half Roxanna and I started a small business making custom wall clocks, the main idea of which wasn’t even the clock itself as much as the pattern that adorned its face. Each clock features a topographic contour map of a specific place in the world – be it one of the major cities in the US, or a specific location in the world that a client could request.

To this day countless clocks were made, featuring the topography of New York, Seattle, Chicago (no joke – it isn’t as flat as you think), Memphis, Salt Lake City, as well as places abroad – Vancouver, Tokyo, Paris and others.

Making the clocks is only half the challenge – an equally complex piece of the puzzle is locating and sizing the map properly. While the topography of places in the US is a fairly simple acquisition, we’ve had a field day trying to locate GIS data in other parts of the world. So far – without fail. No, really – Try us ;]

Clocks are made in LA out of sheet acrylic,
using a CO2 laser and our very own blood, sweat, and tears